Oi oi! It’s Ange here…

Hello and welcome to the blog. Let’s hang out like friends.

About me (is that what I’m supposed to write here, Reggie?) – I like stories and books and other forms of escapism. Please feel free to read what I write about what I read. What are you reading? Tell me so I can read it too. Also, do you yoga?

Writing is fun and I do a lot of it. I love words; I love moving them, flipping them, inventing them, and making them dance, lament and play the hokey pokey (or ‘hokey-cokey’ if you are British.)

This blog may be a bit rough around the edges: like a 10 cent book from the charity shop, you may find it an unexpected treasure (understandable..), or you may wish to leave it among the other underrated prose looking for a good home (rude!).

So I write things and post them. Mostly reviews of books, films, places or other nouns. Sometimes I will write about yoga or food, which I also enjoy with a high level of zest. Perhaps I should jot down my latest epiphany in which I have discovered not only the meaning of life, but the significance behind ridiculous fuel prices and a certain prime ministers’ attitude to climate change.

Let’s see how we go….


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