‘Theo’s Odyssey’ by Catherine Clement – Brief Review

Theos odyssey

It took me a really long time to read this book because 1. there is a LOT of information contained within the pages and 2. I was doing a million other things at the time.

For anyone interested in a broad history of world religions, Theo’s Odyssey is a fantastic adventure that allows the reader to dip into different cultures and their customs, rites and historical markers. Like the first time I read ‘Sophie’s World’, I will need to revisit Theo to let the whole book sink in a little further. Unlike ‘Sophie’s World’ (and yes, I shouldn’t compare…) the main characters of this tale were not especially likeable and at times I found Theo and his aunt to both embody a brattiness that had me wishing they would just get to the next religious thread so I didn’t have to read of their whinging any longer.

But obvious bias for Jostein Gaarder aside, ‘Theo’s Odyssey’ was a wonderful young adult book; informative, fun, and a true joy to read for both young and old.



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