‘The Rosie Project’ by Graeme Simsion – Review

The Rosie Project

This was so much fun to read! The Rosie Project details the quest of Don Tillman as he logically tries to find a suitable woman to make his wife. Part Sheldon Cooper and part Sherlock Holmes, Don takes an extremely structured approach to all facets of his daily life including the newly formulated Wife Project, which involves a comprehensive and ludicrous applicant questionnaire. The participants, willing or otherwise, need to meet certain criteria in order to be considered potential life partners and, from here, Don begins his search.

A fabulous rom-com the likes of which I can envision Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck dramatizing, the story takes many hilarious and unpredictable turns as Rosie shows up to demonstrate to Don that 1. he is weird, but that’s okay and 2. love isn’t always what we imagined it to be. In fact, it rarely is!

Reading this really boosted my mood and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is feeling sad, grumpy, or is reaching for that third class of wine when they know they shouldn’t. Let this book perk you up instead.


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