The Book Thief – Book Review


This is only a vague review because that’s how I felt about the entire book. It was vague.

The Book Thief left me feeling underwhelmed. As sometimes happens, my desire to love a book left it virtually impossible to impress and, as such, I have designated it to the box labelled “probably wouldn’t read again”. I’d still love to see the film out of curiosity but I felt that, stylistically, there was too much of the ‘down’ or ‘rest’ narrative and not enough tension. And any tension that did capture intrigue resulted in an anticlimactic sense of waiting. By the end there really wasn’t much happening.

The final eighth was the most impressive but it seemed like the author tried to bring the entire book to a head here. Overall, it was easy to read and very interesting from a writerly perspective, but I am happy to be putting it back on my shelf.


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