Shoovy Jed – Maureen Stewart (Book Review)

shoovy jed

I have a sentimental attachment to this book.

Written in diary format, Jed describes his pains, anxieties and ultimately the disturbing plans that occupy his mind. It ages well for the most part – Stewart doesn’t date the entries and handles the language with skill, although some of the vocabulary i.e. referring to something as ‘choice’ may not be relevant to today’s teenagers. Capturing words and slang is a challenge for a YA writer: jargon is a moving target and can often make a book feel dated and unrelateable.

However, this sad and oddly haunting tale of Jed reminded me again why I saw so much of my young, angst-ridden self amongst it’s pages.

“I’m just not normal, that’s all. Other kids seem so normal, so together. They laugh at dumb things. I only wish I could.”

A heart-breaking read.


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