‘And the Mountains Echoed’ – Khaled Hossini


Khaled Hossini delivers yet another compelling novel in ‘And the Mountains Echoed’. Weaving together the lives of nine individuals, each chapter portrays a single perspective that expands and builds on the core thread laid down at the outset.

This book reads like a compendium of short stories, each unique to its own chief protagonist. Smooth writing, human interest and gentle prose make for a fluid read. The characters themselves appear as demonstrations of those traits recognizable to all readers as being a very real part of the human condition. All at once I was frustrated, angry, amused and even romanced by their predicaments, whatever they were at the time.

Hossini seems to have pulled the war, the horror and the violence into the background, more so than in his other books and instead spotlights the private heartbreak, the disfigurement and the disconnection that can perpetuate the core of all relationships.

‘And the Mountains Echoed’ comes full circle, returning to the main thread in an ending I would describe as pleasing. Strengthening the faith I have in the authors’ ability, this was a wonderful and highly recommended read.



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