‘The Murder of Roger Ackroyd’ – Agatha Christie (Review)

This was my first Agatha Christie story and, being completely in the dark as to any details, inhaled ‘The Murder of Roger Ackroyd’ like a breath of fresh, slightly cocoa scented air. This little gem was a swift read, not only because it was utterly enthralling but the writing is comforting, stylish and uncomplicated.

M. Poirot, our hero among men, romanced me with his idiosyncrasies and sexy moustaches (how does he grow not one, but two of those things?). I was amused by this gentleman and followed him keenly as the narrator documented key players, events and locations regarding the crime in question. The lip-biting mystery developed well and the reader had ample opportunity to evaluate and set up alliances accordingly.
As with any whodunit I was convinced several times that I’d figured it out and thus sat smugly in my own self-satisfied pride. However, the climax snuck up and left me feeling duped, almost begrudgingly so. I swear, I did suspect the murderer at one point but dismissed the idea as improbable!

It was a lovely little read, full of suspense, wit and tight writing. Poirot is a unique man who can charm readers while keeping them at arm’s length in fascination and awe. A new love affair has begun and I can’t wait to munch on more of Christie’s sensational offerings.
SIDE NOTE: I have no idea how to play Mah Jong, therefore had to stifle giggles each time I read ‘East Wind passed’.


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